Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shopping Spree

So on Sunday we drove to Dallas with one of our friends and went to IKEA. We've been planning for months to get new bedroom furniture for the kids, and we finally had our chance. We ended up having to split it into two trips (the second to come in spring or summer) so we got some of the things we needed now, and will get the rest of what we want later on.

When the dust settled, Ethan had a room full of new furniture, and Aidan had a new bed.

Ethan went from a rickety toddler bed, a table with a taped-together leg, two chairs and a walk-in closet that didn't have space for clothes because it was rapidly filling up with toys and books, to this:

And Aidan went from a crib that had seen far better days (and, we learned a couple of weeks ago, had been recalled) to this (he'll get some matching pieces when we go back):

Aidan's bed is extendable. Right now it's pushed together small, so that he can have the sides up and get used to it, and after a while we can pull it out and make it into a twin. He is SO in love with his new bed, and he transitioned smoothly to staying in it at night (but not so much for naps).

Then, yesterday, we got the voucher from the crib company, to get a new crib for Dylan. Luckily that won't have to take another big bite out of Dave's paychecks.

I will admit that it hurt to spend so much money at one time, but it was sorely needed, and the kids love it all.

Now on to the next (cheaper) project: a lick of paint in each room, to tie it all together!


Jamie said...

Love those beds! Love it all!

Claire said...

I love all of the new furniture, especially the beds!

And, we have the same Cars stickers in the boys' room that Ethan has on his walls...now, if only Mathyn hadn't pulled down two attempts at the wall border. Hrmph!