Monday, January 12, 2009

Lessons in Linguistics

Southern Vernacular 101 with Professor Ethan

Mess (n.)

Definition: a large quantity

Example: Mommy, I need a plate to use with my sandwich because I don't like to put a mess of crusts on the table.

Synonyms: passel, heap


Google Maps Vernacular 101

Turn Right on FM 344 E. Go 0.2 Miles. Destination Will Be On the Right.

Definition: Turn left on FM 344 E. Go 1.7 miles. Destination will be on the left.

Example: I suppose it's obvious. It was us. After lunch. Trying to make a "quick" trip to a FedEx drop box. We found it. No thanks to Google.


1 comment:

texasmomma said...

Too funny how our children learn to talk like us. But little texas babies talking like thier from here are just too damn cute :)