Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy Birthday, Aidan!

Aidan's third birthday was yesterday, and his first real party was today, albeit a mini one.

Since he is the more introverted of the boys, I kept it VERY low-key. I invited 4 of the children he sees most and plays best with, his Sabbath School teacher, and her teenaged niece. Since two of the children were sick and couldn't make it, at the peak of the party we had only 7 extra people in the house.

We did a Winnie the Pooh theme. I set up several snacks on the bar, and made a gallon of punch. The cupcakes stole the show (I will post pictures soon, I hope) - honey cupcakes with honey cream cheese frosting and decorated with frosting bees with almond wings.

When the time came for singing and cake, I couldn't find the candles for his cupcakes! Of all the things not to have at a birthday party!! I searched everywhere they could possibly be, and turned up nothing. I couldn't bear the thought of him not having a candle to blow out, so I took a Glade candle off the mantel and lit it, and we sang and he blew it out. He was thrilled and didn't care a bit that it wasn't a true cake candle. Then he ate TWO cupcakes.

Four of our guests even stayed and shared dinner with us, an added bonus to an already lovely day (I love feeding people!).

We had a wonderful time, and when everyone left and told him "Happy Birthday!" on their way out the door, he responded, "Happy Birthday!"

I'm so glad he enjoyed his first party. I can't believe he's three - he's growing up so fast.

Happy birthday, my sweet Aidan! You are so special and loved.

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