Monday, January 05, 2009

Chocolate Surprise

These are the cupcakes I made for Aidan's party. I made the bees by squirting on yellow frosting, drizzling on stripes with melted chocolate chips, and sticking on almond wings.

Earlier in the day I had melted chocolate chips to drizzle over Rice Krispie squares to make "Tigger Treats." I drizzled and drizzled and drizzled away, and then the corner of my baggie exploded and plopped a huge clump of melted chocolate on a corner of the treats. It wasn't a problem - we are never short of willing volunteers to gobble up the mistakes.

But you'd think I'd have learned my lesson.

No, I didn't. I never do.

I melted more chocolate to drizzle the bees, and having drizzled them without mishap, thinking I had gotten the hang of this drizzling business, I took the baggie full of chocolate over to Ethan, who was sitting on the couch, to treat him to a small drizzle of chocolate.

"Chin up, open wide," I said, and squeezed the bag, which promptly burst its seam and unloaded about half a cup of melted chocolate chips on the front of his shirt. To say we were all startled would just about sum it up. Though for Ethan it was mixed with sheer delight at suddenly having more chocolate on his shirt than he has ever had at any other time in his life.

For whatever reason, within about half a second after it landed, it was all over his hands, so it took some adroit maneuvering to get him up off the couch without him touching anything. I got him up on the stool at the kitchen sink, and was interrupted by a call from an invited guest letting us know they couldn't come. The interruption didn't bother Ethan at all - he stood there calmly sucking the front of his shirt until I could get back to him, and managed to have it pretty thoroughly "pre-rinsed" by the time I peeled it off.

I got him scrubbed clean and in fresh clothes in a jiffy, but apparently ALL that unintended chocolate didn't contain quite enough sugar, because the first thing he did, heading back through the kitchen from the laundry room? He asked me for a cupcake.


Jamie said...

I am so impressed with your cupcakes. And LOL @ the exploding baggie!

I keep wanting to sit and type at you about some homeschooling stuff. Hopefully in the next day or two I'll get around to it now that the holiday rush has ended. If you don't mind!

Claire said...

Mmmmm! To quote Ty'Lain, "Those sure do look tasty!" And LoL at the baggie; that's something I would do. ;P

Mommy said...

Jamie, I don't mind at all! Please do!

LOL @ Ty'Lain! Wish all of us lived closer together - I'd happily share!