Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Invalid

So this morning Dave took Ethan to church and I was to follow with the little two ones after they were up and fed.

While I was feeding Dylan his breakfast, Aidan was playing in Ethan's room, and suddenly I heard a bang and Aidan started crying. It wasn't a normal cry. It was one that I've been trying to describe all day, and I still can't. It was....different.

I went in to see what had happened, and he was on the floor with the flimsy little footstool from the boys' bathroom stuck on his ankle. I gather he had been trying to reach the switch to turn on the ceiling fan, and the stool tipped and he took a tumble. I disentangled him, held and comforted him, but he wouldn't stop sobbing. I asked what hurt and he said it was his "blanket" (ankle). I asked if he could walk, and tried to help him to the couch, but he wouldn't put weight on that foot, and was shaking and sobbing. I carried him to the couch and made him as comfortable as possible with a big pillow and Soft Blanket, and dosed him with Tylenol. He still wouldn't stop crying. I turned on Tigger and Pooh - an episode about butterflies no less, one of his favorite things - and still he cried. He cried for a little over half an hour while I frantically emailed and called Dave trying to decide whether to take him to urgent care. He was in a lot of pain, but there didn't seem to be any swelling or bruising, so I figured it wasn't a sprain, but thought maybe a fracture would be, well, obvious.

Finally the Tylenol seemed to kick in, and he settled down somewhat to watch the Pooh Heffalump movie, though he was still fitful at times, moaning and saying, "hurt!" I wrapped his foot and ankle in an Ace bandage and watched him carefully while I finished feeding Dylan. Soon after that he seemed to regress pain-wise, so I dosed him with Motrin and emailed Dave to meet us at the clinic.

He was a champ at the clinic. Even though another little boy in the waiting room - one younger than him no less - was getting in his face talking trash and trying to pick a fight (the parents did nothing, and Aidan was not taking the bait anyway, but I finally just stepped in and told him enough is enough and to go away). The wait was long, but he was as patient as you could expect an almost-three-year-old to be, and he was perfectly still for his x-rays.

There was no fracture, he has soft tissue damage. We got copies of the x-rays to bring home, which delighted Ethan. The doctor said we can expect him to be able to bear weight on his foot again within about a week, and if he still can't after that long, he will need further x-rays.

But in the meantime, my poor little invalid was bored senseless about 15 minutes after we got home. He's not taking well to sitting on the couch watching movies and reading, I'm afraid. He tried once to crawl around and play with his brothers, but Dylan fell on his ankle (CRINGE), so it was back to the couch again.

Any ideas for a bored, couchbound little boy? He's done books and movies, and blowing bubbles might be good for a bit, but I'm going to need at least a couple days worth of activity. He doesn't like to color, so that's out (pity). I'm not sure why, but I'm coming up with nothing idea-wise.



Jamie said...

Oh no...the poor little guy!

I was thinking in the shower of what would help occupy him. How about beading? With buttons, cut up straws, or larger beads? Ida loved doing that at his age. Or...finger painting(since he doesn't like to color). Can he sit at the table? To contain the mess you could have him do it on a cookie sheet. Even finger paint with pudding.

I know that isn't much. Maybe after I have my coffee my brain will kick in and I'll think of more.


Mommy said...

Jamie, thank you! Beads are a great idea! And we have lots of them, too, because Ethan used to love playing with them. The finger paints are a good idea too - yes, he can sit at the table.

The beads also made me think of the lacing cards we have that Ethan never really got into. I wonder if Aidan would like them...?

He's still unable to put weight on that foot. He unthinkingly tried to get off the potty when I had stepped away, and collapsed. :( Hopefully we'll see some improvement soon.

I am just having such a brain poot. Thanks for the ideas. And Aidan thanks you too.

Kerrie said...

Aww, poor guy! Shaving cream tinted with washable water colors is always a hit here! They can finger paint or sculpt with it and the mess wipes right up. I get the unscented kind though, otherwise the perfumy smell of it is overwhelming!
My children love modeling clay (not play doh, that stuff crumbles and drives them nuts!) and modeling wax too, especially with a rolling pin and cookie cutters.
I'll try to think of more for you after my clippy making session. :-)

Hope he feels better soon!