Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Spirit

Being sick over our Thanksgiving break left me with a skewed sense of time. Consequently, the fact that there are only about 2 weeks left until Christmas sort of snuck* up on me.

Dave has mostly finished shopping online for the boys, and I've been spending the morning browsing for little extras to round things out. I've been listening to Christmas music. I've been planning this year's tree (probably very much like last year's tree, except that this year I hope to actually finish it). I've been busily gathering cookie recipes, having been informed by Amazon that the press I ordered yesterday is on its way. In the same package will be The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey.

Today it's dreary and cold - Texas is actually acting like it's winter, for a change - and I'm really looking forward to heating up the rest of the soup in the fridge and snuggling in on the couch.

I find myself getting into the spirit of things despite the fact that today the kids have given me a twitch in my left eye, and I'm counting the minutes to naptime, although today naptime will likely offer me no break, because as of right now, 12:52PM, Dylan is still sleeping soundly and will likely wake up as soon as the other two are sequestered. (Yes, I checked on him to make sure he hadn't choked on a sock or anything. He's fine.)

So merry, merry, and ho ho ho. Wonder if I can talk Dave into getting a tree tonight?

*An aside: Blogger thinks "snuck" is not a word. I've got news for you, Blogger. Despite it now being widely accepted? Sneaked. Is. NOT. A. Word.

UPDATE: Oh my gosh, I'm so embarrassed. Sneaked IS correct. Snuck is merely accepted, from those who don't know any better. Such as...well, me. SOURCE


Jamie said...

I LOVE Jonathan Toomey!

Jamie said...

I don't know what has me more upset...the cool whip container images or that I thought snuck was word!

Claire said...

Jonathan Toomey is a wonderful story!

And uh, I thought snuck was a word too....

Mommy said...

Oh dear. I will never live that down! LOL And here I thought I was so resourceful to bring along something disposable just in case.

Kerrie said...

You know, sneaked just doesn't *sound* as good as snuck!
I think Chloe has the right idea, she'd say "snucked". :-)