Friday, November 21, 2008


Dylan has been sick now for a little over a week and a half. It started with a high fever that lasted a day or two, but then he just never seemed to get over it. He fought me when I tried to feed him, and he wouldn't sleep at all. Naps were always cut short, as were nights. No sleep and minimal food was making him grouchy, and I've never seen tantrums like the ones I've seen this week. In that department, he's got the other two boys beat hands down.

I took him to the doctor on Wednesday because he'd developed a rattle and a squeak in his breathing, and seemed to be coughing more instead of less. She pronounced his ears and lungs clear, and his RSV test was negative, so she just put it down to a miscellaneous virus and gave him a small course of steroids and breathing treatments to get him over the wheezing hump.

The past two night have been the hardest as far as feeding him. He fought so hard it was ridiculous. And yet I knew that if he didn't have dinner, he'd be up at the crack of dawn screaming for a breakfast he probably wouldn't even eat.

Yesterday morning, sure enough, he was up at 6. Then didn't take a nap. By dinnertime, he was a wreck. He'd been throwing tantrums right and left (one of them lasting well over half an hour), and his eyes were red and puffy. I sat him in his seat and tried to feed him what I thought was a safe bet: oatmeal. He knocked the spoon from my hand, and sent food flying, he angrily rubbed oatmeal into his eyes and his nose, and deftly blocked nearly every single bite from reaching his mouth. I'm not typically one for pushing dinner on a kid who doesn't want it, but he hadn't wanted anything for days. He was waking up starving. He was miserable. He needed to eat, so he could sleep soundly.

I pulled some strawberry applesauce out of the fridge and mixed a little oatmeal into it. He was receptive to that for a minute, and then started fighting again. I heated it up, and albeit with a little resistance here and there, he finished the whole thing, and went to bed a little before 7.

And this morning he slept until 10:30.

I think it's a good sign, and I hope he's finally on the mend. My poor baby.


Gail said...

Aww, the poor little guy. I hope he gets to feeling better soon.

(How did I not realize he was feeling so yucky??)

Claire said...

Awwww, I hope he feels better soon!

The boys still have their coughs and stuffy/runny noses over here. At their well check visits last week, their doctor wasn't too concerned...yet. So far he said it just sounds upper respiratory but nothing he'd prescribe meds for. Hopefully it stays that way, especially since we can't get the DTaP vaccine.

I have a feeling it's going to be a bad winter... :(

Jamie said...

Oh my goodness...poor Dylan! Poor Mommy!

Here's hoping your day has been good so far!