Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Dylan's picked up a couple of fun habits lately, one of which is getting into the drawer under the oven (which incidentally does have a childproof latch!...which obviously doesn't work! gah!), pulling out my bread pans, and banging them around quite a bit. It's kind of loud. His other trick, infinitely more fun, is to climb on top of the entertainment center to turn on the TV. He gets footholds on the shelves, and pulls himself up the rest of the way using the childproofing faceplate on the DVR (obviously my kids scoff at childproofing). It's like rock climbing for babies.

Whenever I catch him doing things like this, I call warningly, "Baby Dylan...." and he instantly stops whatever he is doing, toddles over to me, and hugs me around the legs, with his cheek pressed tight against my knee.

And then, he goes right back to whatever he was doing. As if I just needed some reassurance that he knew what he was doing and it was all OK.


Jamie said...

How sweet of him to reassure you! ;o)

Jessie said...

Dear Amy,

Greetings from a long-lost cousin in Michigan! My mom sent me a note telling me about your site and, as the mom of four kids a little older than yours (yes, you will survive- just wait until they are teenagers!), I laughed and laughed! I would love to hear from you some time. My e-mail address is jernst@northernmi.net.

Jessie (Wheat) Ernst