Monday, November 10, 2008


We had Ethan's birthday party over at the park yesterday, and it went really well. The weather was perfect. It wasn't cold, but it was just cool enough that the hot cocoa we had warming in a crockpot wasn't ridiculous, but worked quite well.

Ethan had a blast playing with all his friends. I think we were over there for nearly 5 hours total, almost until the sun went down. You just can't burn a kid out on a park - they'll always love it no matter how often you go or how long you stay.

I loved having so much time to visit with all our friends - what a luxury!

I learned a lot this weekend. I learned my stockpot won't hold two gallons of milk. I learned you can't write on a 9x13 cake with chocolate chips. I learned kids don't care what a cake looks like as long as it has copious amounts of buttercream on it. I learned that toddlers love playing with ice.

And when it was all over and everyone had gone home, I suddenly realized how exhausted I was, and I ended the evening crashed out and actually sitting down on the kitchen floor in an aching but contented puddle.

I have a LOT of recipes to post today (or over the next couple of days) as I get time: the chocolate gravy, the cocoa-for-a-crowd, the hummus (a big hit at the party, and SO easy), and for Jamie and little John, an eggless banana muffin we made this morning (that everyone loved but Dylan, ironically, but maybe John will).

Thank you to anyone who might be reading this who helped me with the party. From lending me an extra crockpot, to even something as simple as shutting the door behind me when I had my arms full of boxes and bags and crockpots and babies. Every little thing was a big thing, and I couldn't have pulled any of it off without help.

And happy birthday Ethan! I'm glad you loved your party.


Claire said...

Yay, glad the party was a success and it sounded like fun! I'm still amazed that no matter how much the boys run around at the park, they don't get tired of it or run out of energy. We've only ever had one "big" party, Ty'Lain's first birthday, where we invited pretty much the whole family and then some friends. After that I was so stressed out, that I vowed not to ever do it again, no more than the grandparents and maybe a friend or least, until the boys are in school and then they can invite a few of their friends. ;P

That year I made his cake (a ducky cake) and I am such an ocd, anal, neurotic, perfectionist type of gal, that I think that was the part that stressed me out the most. I was literally in tears because it wasn't "turning out perfectly the way I wanted it." But that was when I learned the same as you, "kids don't care what a cake looks like as long as it has copious amounts of buttercream on it." LoL! And now if I make their cakes (this year I didn't) I just keep it simple. Ha!

I can't wait for the recipes. I'm actually really interested in the eggless banana muffin one; we love banana muffins and bread around here. :) Okay, and the chocolate gravy...I don't think I've ever had hummus.

Claire said...

And And And...where are some pictures? ;P

Jamie said...

Ethan's party sounds like it was perfect. I so wish we could have outside parties! I needed to either stay in FL or have spring or summer babies! Oh well!

Can't wait for the eggless muffin recipe(is it dumb to be excited to see one's name in a blog?)! I already printed out the other recipes.

Mommy said...

Claire, can you believe I've "known" you so long that I remember you posting his first birthday pictures on the old Mommy board? :O Time FLIES!

And Dave can tell you plenty of stories about my cake neuroses. LOL

I am SO bad about taking pictures! I'm all in their faces the rest of the year with the camera, but when it comes to their parties I get so distracted and then I kick myself for not remembering to take pictures. Some of our friends took a few. Maybe they can email them to me. I hope so. If they do, I'll post them.

I LOVE that Ethan's last two parties have had nice enough weather to be outside. Aidan's January - too cold, and Dylan is in August - too hot, maybe.

Mommy said...

Oh, and Jamie, it's not dumb at all! I got SO excited when they turned out so well - the very first thing I thought of was that I HAD to share the recipe with you for John.