Sunday, October 05, 2008

Pavlov's Toddler

I've discovered a new use for my immersion blender. I'd wanted one for a long time, intending to use it for soups, and my mother-in-law was kind enough to give me one for my birthday this year.

It came with a mixing cup which I promptly put in the "Stuff I Don't Use Much" cupboard, since I wasn't really planning on many smoothies or milkshakes.

And then one day a couple of weeks ago I got a brainstorm and started using it to blend up Dylan-sized portions of whatever the rest of us were eating for dinner. It's saving us a ton of money on toddler food, and he gets to try things he wouldn't ordinarily be able to handle, like chicken stir fry or beef stew. I must admit a blended dinner doesn't look all that appetizing to me, but Dylan has loved everything so far.

Tonight was beef stew. I ladled it into the cup, plugged in the blender and turned it on, and before I was even finished pureeing Dylan had charged into the kitchen and was at my feet, gazing up at me expectantly.

He already knows exactly what the sound of that blender means. It's his dinner bell.


Claire said...

LoL! Both of my boys love(d) trying new foods. When Mathyn was nine months old he was admitted into CHOP with FTT. He never was one for baby foods (I did homemade, steamed, pureed, froze) but once we came home and I started pureeing little bits of whatever we were eating, he began to thrive and eat so much better.

And that's too cute about his own personal dinner bell. ;P

Claire said...

And Yummy, chicken stir fry! LoL!

Jamie said...

I have one of those blenders...and the cup! Maybe I should try doing that for John. He's going through a phase of NOT eating. The other night he had ONE tator tot for dinner.

Maybe if I made him a stir fry smoothie he'd be happy!