Monday, September 08, 2008

Righteous Indignation

Ethan is MAD. He's sitting here in the office with me, in a time out, and, after listening to me on the phone canceling a doctor's appointment, he decided that sounded good to him, and informed me he was canceling his time out.

Ethan: ...forever and ever. Until I go to heaven, I will NEVER sit in a chair.

Me (bemusedly): Are you going to sit in time out chairs in heaven?

Ethan: No! I will just sleep and get up, and sleep and get up, and then eat ice cream. After breakfast. [sensible chap] But NO chairs. NEVER EVER EVER. I'm CANCELING them.

Just now as I was typing, he told me that time out was just like being in JAIL. And just like being GROUNDED.

Poor Ethan.

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