Saturday, September 20, 2008

Life in Color

Aidan and Dylan are a little under the weather. So Dave took Ethan to church, while I stayed here with the little ones. And this is what Aidan and I did - we colored.

It started with just a couple of crayons. Then a request for "more brown." And then, "more brown." And more. And more. And when we ran out of brown, he wanted red. And more and more. Then purple, blue, green, yellow, etc. until we had run out of everything in the crayon bucket that wasn't broken or unpeeled.

And while we were sorting, I was inhaling the scent, which hasn't changed since I was little. I always have loved the smell of crayons. And I was handing him the same colors that used to be my favorites all those years ago, and remembering, too, the ones that I always thought were hideous (raw sienna, I'm looking at YOU)!

I didn't ever care much for the straightforward colors. No red, blue, or brown for me. I loved sepia, mahogany, midnight blue, plum, goldenrod, apricot.

What were your favorites? Which one never left the box?


Claire said...

The boys and I love coloring! I've gone on a tour of the Crayola factory, and it smells soooo good in there. I can't wait to take the boys!

I love purple mountain's majesty. LoL!

Claire said...

Oh, and I love the organized-by-color crayons....I think that just goes to show how "sick" and anal-OCD I am. blush

tammy said...

I always liked sky blue. Used to fight over it with my best friend, who would totally hog it up and use it all.

Stupid best friend.

Jamie said...

When I was little...I always thought the silver and gold crayons were the special ones. Times have changed...they don't do much for me now!