Monday, September 08, 2008

Escape Artist

Ethan is grounded today, having lost all his tickets for tantrums and sass. I left him in his room with explicit instructions to NOT leave his room, and if he wasn't going to take a nap, he should at least lie quietly for a bit.

I heard nothing but his "rainforest" sound machine setting and assumed he had fallen asleep, so I stayed in the office with Dylan - who didn't take much of a nap today - trying desperately to keep him quiet so the bigger boys could get some rest.

Eventually Dylan needed his diaper changed, so I took him into my bedroom to change him on the bed. I noticed nothing amiss until I needed to set Dylan down on the floor so I could get rid of the old diaper, and so I went to shut the doors to the bathroom...

And saw the brown sugar canister on the counter next to my sink.

Wait......huh? I didn't have sugar in the bathroom. At least, I don't think so. I'll admit I'm pretty loopy these days, but I'm pretty sure I'd remember that. I walked through the bathroom to the closet, and there was Ethan, crouching on the floor.

Here is the list of the things he did, knowing better than to do any of them.

1) Snuck out of his room while grounded.
2) Climbed over the hall gate.
3) Snuck into the pantry.
4) Took the sugar canister
5) Went into the master suite unaccompanied and without permission.
6) Climbed up on the counter.
7) Ate brown sugar directly from the canister...
8) ...using my contact lens case as a spoon.

I sent him to the couch while I regained composure (read: a straight face - I think it was the contact lens case that got me). I came out to the couch and he was looking at me warily, and lit into his defense as soon as I was standing in front of him. "Mommy! It was so good! Oh!! SOOOO good, Mommy!! I loved it so much. It was so good! So good that I had to pour it into my tummy."

He was sent back to his room to await my verdict and sentence, and I go now to deliver them. But I had to tell you all about it first.


Kerrie said...

Oh my goodness... I am laughing so hard after these last two entries!!
I'm not sure which is funner, no chairs or the makeshift spoon - LOL!
You have quite the little man! :-D

Claire said...

ROFL! I've never looked at my contact lens case and thought, "Hmmm, that would make a good spoon." But, now I will. And if we should ever run out of spoons, I now have a few back ups in my bathroom cabinet. ;P