Thursday, September 04, 2008


So Dylan is apparently allergic to eggs.

Dave and I don't have any allergies and neither to the other two, so this was somewhat of a surprise. But we're rolling with it.

He had his first eggs-as-eggs yesterday at lunch. They were scrambled. He took a few bites but then they got cold and he wouldn't eat any more, choosing instead to fill up on biscuits (yes, we were having breakfast food for lunch).

Then I noticed he had spots around his mouth. Within a few minutes, they had turned into an ugly swollen rash which was spreading. He'd been eating with his hands, and since it was naptime, he was using those same hands to rub his eyes, which were now swollen and bloodshot.

My first thought was to break out the Benadryl (and since I remembered her dealing with this situation as well, a quick visit to and search of Jamie's blog confirmed this), but there wasn't information on the bottle about dosage for a child his age. So I called the pediatrician. I was told to give him a half teaspoon of Benadryl and bring him in.

Can I just interject here for a second? Not to knock my pediatrician. I LOVE her - she is awesome. But while it's comforting that she errs on the side of caution, and I'm sure there will at some point come a day when I will be grateful that she did, sometimes it's kind of a pain in the patookis. Like the time I loaded all three kids up at the spur of the moment because Dylan was coughing, and I find's a cold. Or today, loading up all three kids at the spur of the moment only to get there and find out she just wants to know whether Dylan is wheezing. Because I don't know what that sounds like, or how to tell.*

Anyway, he's fine. Nothing disastrous happened. In fact, by the time I brought him the Benadryl, the rash had mostly already faded away. The Dr wants us to wait 6-8 months before we try again, but I'm a little spooked and I might just wait until he's two, to be on the safe side. Also no flu shot for him this year. I'm sure he'd be disappointed if he knew he was missing out on an extra shot.**

Anyway, nothing overtly (ova-ertly! HA!!) eggy for Dylan for the foreseeable future. She was somewhat vague on the issue of whether he can have baked things with eggs in them (cake, quick breads), but I'm afraid to call and clarify because she'd probably want to see him again!*/** Does anyone know? Do we proceed with caution? Or put ALL on hold until this time next year?

**Again with the sarcasm.


Jamie said...

I'm very surprised that your pediatrician didn't refer you to an allergist. If you wait and give him eggs again(even if it is 6-8 months from now), he may still have a reaction. And if he is allergic, the more exposure he has to eggs, the "worse" it can get. As in each reaction could be more severe. Maybe I'm overreacting here, but I feel it's better to error on the side of caution.

We avoid all things with eggs. In fact, because John has this allergy, we avoid the other high risk allegens as well. In my opinion that is kind of extreme, but until our next visit with the allergist, we are sticking to it.

If we keep him away from eggs, there is a better chance of him outgrowing the allergy.

I can't believe your doctor made you bring him in. Mine just said to come in if he suddenly had trouble breathing or the rash got worse or other symptoms developed.

Keep Benedryl on hand. We even carry the epi pen, but I'm sure we'll never even need it.

I am excited though that my blog served a purpose today:o)

Anonymous said...

Have you ever given him anything with egg in it before? (ice cream cookie ect) If you have he may out grow it. If egg is mostly a binder you can replace it with corn starch according to a friend of mine. good luck.