Friday, August 29, 2008


Aidan's new favorite word is "Mommy." He knew how to say it before, but would only do so when prompted. Now? It's all. the. time. ALL the time. Several things need to be brought to my attention over the course of a day. Example: at lunch. I hand him a bowl of mandarin oranges. I go in the other room.

Aidan: Mommy!....Mommy!!....Momm-eeeeee!!!....Momm-EEEEEEE!!!!!
Me (back in the dining room): Yes, Aidan?
Aidan: Hi!
Me: Hi!
Aidan (pointing): Bowl.

It was imperative that I know he has a bowl. A bowl that I gave to him. In case, you know, I forgot. Or something.


Last night was girl's night. Halfway through dinner I remember that before I left, I neglected to have Ethan tell me some things. I briefly wonder how Dave is faring with that aspect of putting him to bed, but then devote full attention to attacking my sandwich, which is topped with unruly little fried onion strings that require a firm hand. Upon arriving back at home, I am informed by Dave that Ethan is hoping I can make a quick visit to his room to complete this bedtime ritual. I notice it is nearly 10:30 and decide against it.

Fast-fwd to this morning.

Ethan: Last night you were not here and I didn't tell you some things.
Me (sympathetically): No, I wasn't was I?
Ethan: No, and my heart was broken. (His face crumples)
Me: Awww. I'm sorry, Sugar. I guess I just forgot, huh?
Ethan (brightening): But now it's fixed. Because you are here.



I am in full-tilt organizational mode. I read about a system for near-total elimination of clutter that sounds almost too good to be true. If I can pull this off, I will no longer have to keep up with a ton of crap that we simply don't use in day-to-day life (or in some cases even year-to-year). I will only have to keep up with a small stack of index cards. I start tonight in the office, and by the end of the weekend, I hope to turn it into Dylan's new room.


Having said that, I must disclose that this manic phase is being fueled by a ridiculous level of caffeine. So who knows what will happen after the crash.


I am very very thankful that the Diet Cokes were rationed carefully enough to last until grocery day (today, thank goodness), but it was a close call.

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Kerrie said...

Oh oh oh! I missed this post last time I visited!!
Please please please tell me about the organization system! Did it work? Can it work against a packrat family? My email is kerrie at joyfulfaith dot com. :-D