Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Potty Training Redux

Now it's Aidan's turn. We started yesterday morning, taking a BIG breath, and with fingers firmly crossed, having managed to unearth only two pairs of Thomas the Tank Engine underwear that fit him.

He stayed dry all morning (through no fault of his own), and only had one accident while eating dinner.

So last night right after dinner we went to Target for backup supplies. Given a choice between a pack of Thomas underwear, and a pack of Pooh and Tigger, he enthusiastically and without hesitation chose "Pooh-Bah!!!"

He was very, very, VERY proud of himself when he managed to pee in the potty, and very excited to be included in the Big Boy Club. I'm hoping this time might go a little easier than it did with Ethan, when, if you remember, we trained for a little while, seemingly perfected the technique, and then went on vacation and had to start all over again, the second time taking nearly four months (GAH!!!).

When I'm tearing my hair out after four months, please don't remind me I said, "easier."

Anyway, here we are on day two.

Wish us luck!!

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Kerrie said...

Yeah! Go Aidan!!
Can you believe Keevee wants to potty train already? She's been asking to pee pee in the potty since she was 18 months old so I finally bought her one.
So far she hasn't managed more than a little tinkle but she keeps trying to take her diaper off all day - LOL!