Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Ethan's having difficulty adjusting to being home, I think. He's picking on his brothers a little, and he's got a leftover-from-vacation issue with sass and attitude. He doesn't usually take naps anymore, but he took a few while we were gone, just because of the screwy schedule we kept. He hasn't however, had one since we returned home, although it seems pretty clear to me it would benefit him immensely.

Today when I called him to me to ask him what the heck all that racket was I heard coming from his room (he was in there playing with Aidan), he came flying into the office, screaming, slammed into the futon, and threw a train across the room.

Wow. Naptime for you, mister.

So down he went. But he kept popping out of bed, opening the door to the hall, calling me in to talk to him about anything and everything (Mommy? Did I just hear a truck outside? I think I did!). Anything so that he wouldn't have to actually let himself fall asleep.

After giving strict orders that he was NOT to leave his bed again under ANY circumstances, that anything he had to tell me or ask me could wait until I came to get him, I left the room. I gave him a few minutes, and then went back into the hall to listen at his door.

And under his breath, very gently, he was singing to himself.

"Who Let the Dogs Out?!"


Kerrie said...

ROFL! That seems somehow appropriate!

Jamie said...