Thursday, August 28, 2008

Keep in Mind, He Can't Yet Read

Ethan is currently having Quiet Time while the younger two nap. He came out of his room to tell me, "Mommy? I just read all of James and the Giant Peach. I read the WHOLE thing. I didn't even want to stop. I read it until it was all done."

I'm a little mystified. Does it mean he flipped through, finding all the pictures? Or did he actually just turn page by page pretending to read each page? I will probably never know.

OH! JUST NOW!! See? Real-time, breaking news.

You'll like this...

He wanted his helicopter. But Quiet Time rule is, you take everything in that you want - you can't come out and get more toys. You have to stay in your room (for many, many reasons). I told him he could play with it when he got up. He threw a fit, threw himself against the tension-mount gate at the door to the hall....

...and it popped right out and he came spilling and sprawling out into the living room as if he were on the crest of a wave, washing onto a beach.

His face? Was priceless. And evidently I'm getting better and better at my straight/stern face. I ALMOST wasn't able to pull it off this time, but with superhuman effort, I managed.

I don't think he'll be doing that again anytime soon. Or maybe he will. Just for the thrill of it.


Claire said...

Ty'Lain Loves "reading." He will actually sit there and insert his own words.

And the stern face thing? Nope, haven't yet mastered that here...not even close! And my boys? My boys would do that with the gate again just for the thrill of it...We have been having some naptime issues over here of our own, and they're getting old real fast! *sigh*

Jamie said...

I've got that stern face thing down! 11 years as a Catholic school teacher paid off;o)