Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Counting My Chickens Before They Hatch

This morning, merely Day Two of Potty Training 2008, Aidan asked to use the potty.

He was sitting in his chair for breakfast and started to squirm and whine and said, "Go!!" (I don't know if you all know - Aidan is still not yet very verbal. He's only got a few words. So "I need to go pee pee!" is not what I'm looking for. A simple "GO!" will suffice at this point.)

Pessimist that I am, I thought it meant he had already gone and was already wet, but I tried to remain cheerful as I rushed over. "Do you need to go? Go potty? Let's go! (BIG SMILE)" I lifted off his tray and hurried him in there, and he was DRY! And he went on the potty! I was shocked.

My head, as always, is a relentless cynic, but my heart can't help but feel optimistic.

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Jamie said...

Once you are done with Aidan, may I send John down?