Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow

Ethan is grounded. We're working with John Rosemond's ticket system in order to correct a sassy mouth that has gotten ridiculously out of control.

So he's in his room, and he's channeling Paul and Silas, and singing the Doxology. I'm tempted go and fling wide his door, staying against the wall where he can't see me, and see if he thinks an angel has come to set him free.

Oh, wait, he's switched gears now. Somehow I very much doubt the incarcerated Paul and Silas sang anything by Dream Academy.

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Jamie said...

HOW and WHERE do they get their sassiness from? We are struggling with Ida as well. When she is with other adults(VBS, a babysitter, Sunday school), she is described as perfectly behaved. But with me...OY!

I love Rosemond, so please let me know how his ticket system works for you. Right now I'm reading a book by Kevin Leman(who Rosemond highly recommends)and considering trying his approach.