Monday, July 28, 2008

A Plug for Kerrie

I don't have any girls, it's true, but I do know adorable girlie things when I see them.

Kerrie just opened up shop, selling (mostly) hair clips. If you have girls, head over to her new site and pick up a clip or two or several. She is wildly talented, and if I had girls of my own I would buy one of everything she's got.

PS - She also wields a fierce needle, if you're in the market for a new outfit for your little one, boy or girl.


Jamie said...

I second this endorsement. And am going to be ordering some stocking stuffers!

Claire said...

LoL, I should have plugged Kerrie too. ;P I'm all for extra support! I third(?) this!

No girls here either (at least as of yet...) but can we say C-U-T-E? I've passed along the link to some of my friends with girls; perhaps I'll just buy some hair clips for them. ;)

Jamie said...

I was thinking of getting some for gifts as well! Unfortunately, we just attended three birthday parties in July for girls.

Kerrie said...

Aww! Ami!!! You're the best! I'm speechless - how often does that happen? :-D

For all you mamas of little men, I'll have at least one boy thing in my shop soon!
This is the last week of summer storytime, Chloe's ballet is nearly over and I'm hoping to get a few new items done in the "downtime" between summer activities and school starting up again.

Thank you for the pitch and the kind words. <3