Friday, July 11, 2008

Pictures of Ethan

It's picture time again! I haven't put any on here in ages, it feels like.

(Claire, you'll have to tell me how you do so many. I'm so jealous - Blogger only lets me do 5 at a time.)

Ethan wearing a hand-fashioned "tie."

He found a bug. Hooray.

This is his harvester/combine. He races to and fro from one side of the yard to the other, pushing this wagon backwards. When I tell him it's time for supper, he says, "hang on, Mommy. I have to finish the harvest."

He's generally a happy kid.

Brotherly love.

1 comment:

Anonymous Me said...

LoL, I love Ethan's tongue hanging out. My boys are forever doing that. ;P

As for how I post more than five pictures *blush*....if I have, say, eight pictures, then I take the last three I'm posting and post them first. Then I do the last (er, first?) five pictures. Kind of working backwards I guess? I always post mine in "orders" so that's the only reason I said about the three and five. If you really don't care about the order, then just do five and then whatever is left because it will post the second batch you put in at the beginning of your entry. And then just do that however many times you have to - eh, I hope I'm making sense...Let me know if I'm not. LoL!