Tuesday, July 22, 2008


One day, many moons ago, while we were at a local playground, the city (or county?) tested the tornado sirens. That night, Ethan was spooked. He was afraid they would go off again. In his room.

But once he learned about them, he was hooked. And it's a passion that has only intensified.

We must point out every siren that we pass as we drive anywhere at all. Along our most-trodden paths, he knows the locations by heart.

He builds sirens out of Legos. He builds sirens out of empty PlayDoh cups. And then? He tests them. It's like having a tornado siren right in your very own home. How convenient.

And then this morning, we watched half an hour's worth of YouTube videos of various tornado and emergency sirens being tested. Who knew there were so many different kinds. The speaker comes in so many different shapes. The sounds are all different.

So now he's greatly expanded his siren repertoire. And he's very, very, very good at making siren noises.

And while I'm (mostly) getting very, very, very good at the whole Patience thing, and also the Tuning Out thing, I'm hoping he moves on to something else soon. Something a little less loud. Even something along the lines of Trappist monasticism, perhaps.

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