Monday, July 21, 2008

My Tummy Thanks You

Some of our dearest friends from church stopped by this evening to bring us some peaches.

I was excited, of course. I LOVE peaches, and it's been years since I've had a truly wonderful peach. Each week I gaze longingly at the peaches stacked up at the store, and every now and then pick one up and give it a hopeful sniff, but they never smell like anything at all. They are small and hard and very likely (judging by lack of scent) dry and tasteless, and so I pass.

But these - oh, my. She brought them in a Walmart bag, heavy and stained with juice. She opened it, "Smell these." I did, and then I couldn't stop. Fragrant doesn't even begin to describe it. I'm sure I looked ridiculous, standing in my living room with my head stuck inside a Walmart bag, eyes closed, inhaling as deeply as I possibly could, but it was incredible. You could taste them without even having to put them in your mouth. It was like sunshine and suede - vibrant, rich. I was enraptured. "Oh!! *SNIFF* Oh, they smell SO GOOD!! *SNIFF* Oh, I haven't had peaches like these in YEARS!! *DOUBLE SNIFF* Ah, this is how it should be. Oh, thank you!!!"

She stayed for a while, read a book with Ethan, and listened to Aidan tell her about the sky, that the oven was "veevee, veevee, veevee hot!", recite the end of his ABCs ("vee! babalu! sesh! why! zeeeeee!"), while her niece hung out with Dylan on her lap.

After they had gone and we had eaten dinner, I cut a peach for each of us and we gobbled them up. They were perfectly ripe - not even a single minute too ripe or not ripe enough. Soft and sweet and juicy, they melted on the tongue. I quickly made the rest into a cobbler, and whipped up some cream, and Dave and I just finished a little post-kids'-bedtime snack.

There is nothing in the world like these peaches, and I thank these precious friends from the bottom of my heart. And my tummy thanks them too.

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Kerrie said...

You can be excused for the extended snorting of peachy goodness, being a Georgia girl and all!

I STILL have my hopes set on moving to Atlanta some day soon, I just know I was meant to live on Peachtree Lane (or Peachtree Blvd. or Peachtree Drive, or Peachtree Lane or..... hehehe)