Friday, July 18, 2008


One clever eBay-er just paid $650 for an empty box.

OK, so maybe not totally empty. It does, after all, include the instructions for what was in the box.

It pays to read auctions carefully.

Also I'm guessing that the seller's 100% rating won't be impeccable much longer. I can't imagine the dupe-ee will be leaving positive feedback for their humiliation.

(Call me callous, but I still think it's funny.)

(Thanks, Dave, for the link.)

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Claire said...

Oooo, definitely read the fine print! And I'm uh, laughing over here too. ;P

Did you hear about this ebay typo? I'm not sure if he actually got that much money or not; I read something later that said the winning bid was actually a joke, so who knows. Can we say, "OUCH!" ?