Thursday, July 03, 2008


I'm not sure what sort of genes Ethan's got to make him like this - he's got some sort of bargaining culture in his ancestry, I'm sure of it. Because he will never just accept any option I give him until he's exhausted all other options. And his exhausting is exhausting.

For instance, here's an exchange from breakfast.

Ethan: All done! I want something else, please.
Me: All right. Would you like another biscuit? A banana?
Ethan: No. What else do we have?
Me: Well, you could have some yogurt.
Ethan: (gets down from his chair) I will look and see what I can have.
Me: You will not. You can have a banana, yogurt, or you can have another biscuit.
Ethan: What kind of yogurt? Peach?
Me: No, we only have blueberry.
Ethan: Do we have any strawberry?
Me: No. We only have blueberry.
Ethan: I will go look and see.
Me: No, you will not. Do you want a banana, yogurt, or another biscuit?
Ethan: Well, you should look and see if we have another strawberry yogurt.
Me: (screaming inside)
Ethan: If we don't, I guess I will have a biscuit.
Me: Alrighty, then. Biscuit it is.

You see? I give him a few options, to try to teach him to make choices, but he seems to always want something that's not on the board. I know I have to stay firm and not let him wear me down, because I know there is nothing wrong with the options I gave him - they are, indeed, all things that he likes. But it is sooooo tempting to just throw up my hands and say, "all right, fine, whatever, eat what you like."

It's as if he thinks I'm hiding something from him. Like if he asks long enough, he'll find that option D is... ice cream! Or cake! Or cookies! Or all three! If he just keeps at it long enough!


Claire said...

Oh. My. Gosh!!! It sounds just like Ty'Lain and a "normal" day around here...All day. Although, Mathyn is quite the bargainer himself, even though he is only learning to talk still. It's quite frustrating at times though, eh? LoL!

Sometimes I need to remind myself multiple times that I Have to stand firm, even though giving in seems least, at the time. *sigh* I think it's a good and bad trait to have, LoL! At least I am not alone. ;P

Kerrie said...

LOLOL! Oh gosh can I relate.
But I have a confession… I'm training up little rebels, I not-so-secretly LIKE that they're this way because it affirms the never-settle anarchist in me. So I give in sometimes, and give them cake...
So you can smack me when I complain about discipline issues and sugar rushes. ;-)

Jamie said...

I'm sending Ida to Kerrie's house for six months!