Friday, July 11, 2008


We have baby swallows! I've seen as many as four, but the fourth one is pretty shy - typically it's only the three that show themselves.

The first day I noticed them, last Saturday evening.

Feeding time. I was surprised she doesn't ever seem to mind that I'm there - just goes on about her business. Dave says, "well, what else is she supposed to do?" I don't know - try to chase me away? Wait till I'm gone? I don't know.

Hungry baby. It was Sunday that they started to sometimes get demanding.

Wednesday. They've gotten much bigger. Still not out of the nest, even today. But in the evenings when I go check on them at dusk, after feeding time, the babies and the mother are huddled in the nest, and the dad is on the other side of the door, and they are muttering and murmuring to each other. It soothes me.

And now for something completely different, a rather intense sunset from a couple of weeks ago. I was disappointed with how these looked on the screen of the camera, but when I pulled them off and saw them on the computer it was better.

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Kerrie said...

Oh the baby birds are cute cute cute cute! I bet your boys are having an awesome time watching them!

And that sunset is beautiful, and ALL the pictures of your boys are lovely - they are just such handsome little men!

And last in my catch-up-comment...
I just LOVE this: "hang on, Mommy. I have to finish the harvest." :-)