Friday, July 11, 2008


I really like taking pictures of Aidan in either b&w or sepia. He's not as high-energy as Ethan, and so he seems to take a lot more time to slow down and think and reflect. Taking away all the distraction of the vivid color often lets you really see him.

Making sure the joints on the garden are snug.

Taking advantage of the wagon while he's got the chance (Ethan is possessive of his "combine").


A few moments of quiet reflection.

Watching Cars with his brother (Aidan's in grey - Ethan's in red. And I wonder why people ask if they're twins!).

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Anonymous Me said...

Love all of the new pictures! It's about time! ;P

I think my favorites here are the two titled "Sky!" and the one of the boys from the back. I Love pictures like that! *heart*