Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tough Questions

We went to Walmart today to return a pair of shorts I'd bought and to buy some dog food.

On the way there, Ethan was his usual talkative self, and one of the questions he asked me was whether chickens have eyes. I told him yes, and he asked why, and I said it's so they can see where they're going, and he asked why we never see the eyes in our food. Ick. I replied that we don't eat that part of a chicken and there the matter rested.

Since we had gotten such a late start due to rain (I HATE driving in the rain - moreso here in TX than anywhere else - I've never seen such slick roads!), the kids hadn't yet had lunch, and since grocery day is tomorrow, the pantry, though not bare, is getting low, and I really wasn't in a foraging mood. So I swung through the freezers and let Ethan pick out something. He chose a chicken nugget and smiley face mashed potato meal for himself and Aidan, and we hightailed it out of there and hurried home to eat, since by this time it was well after 1.

When they were seated at the table scarfing (and I do mean scarfing - they both finished in about 10 minutes - absolutely unheard of with my kids), Ethan waxed curious.

"Do these smiley faces like me eating them?"

It's a question he asks about everything. Animal, vegetable, fruit, or grain.

"Of course they do! They like being fuel for your body."

He thoughtfully took a couple more bites. Then stopped and asked, uneasily, "What head is this? Is this from a kid?"

I hurriedly reassured him that no, they weren't from kids, but they were french fries made into a special fun shape.

That seemed to satisfy him.

I wonder what he'll ask me next.

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Jamie said...

Ewwwww...chicken eyes! LOL!

I'm betting his questions keep getting more and more interesting! I love his mind!