Friday, June 20, 2008

Perfect Timing

Yesterday I had a picture or two to show you, with an accompanying anecdote/Ethanism, but when I went to plug in the camera...nothing.

Now, I had caught Dylan the other day with the camera end of it in his mouth, but I thought I caught him quickly enough that he didn't do any real damage. I wiped it and blew on it and didn't give it another thought. Before I plugged it in, I looked in that end, and saw some sort of blue gel substance which I wiped away and didn't give that another thought either. I figured I would give it a try, and if he'd killed anything, well then, it simply wouldn't work, right?

Well, no. What I got instead was lots of baffled messages from my computer about the drivers for the USB hub and/or the cable I was trying to plug into said hub.

I should have sensed that things didn't bode well when it informed me, "you do not have any drivers installed for this device." Wait, what? I just installed the drivers, like, last week. And they worked beautifully. The menu didn't give me the option of installing more drivers. There was an option to update them, however. So I chose that.

And after waiting while the computer searched for new drivers, I got a message stating it couldn't find any updated drivers that were any better than the drivers I already had. These (of course!) would be the drivers it was saying I didn't have.

The next logical step, obviously, would be to uninstall the drivers I didn't have, and then perhaps it would let me reinstall them. When I chose "uninstall drivers," the computer responded with little more than a blank stare.

After much wrangling and wrasslin' and trying to outsmart it and trick it into doing what I wanted it to do, I gave up. I unplugged the whole thing and looked in the camera end of the cord again, and could see that the thingy-whosits (I use the technical term, naturally) were ever-so-slightly corrupted. From drool. (I'm not being ironic - it really was very slight; I didn't notice the corruption the first two times I looked at it)

OK, whatever program Microsoft has put on here for diagnosing device issues. Some of us have babies. Because we have babies, there are occasional accidents. It would be helpful if you would learn to recognize "drool corruption" when it happens, instead of making us jump through unrelated hoops.

Oh, and the "perfect timing" part? I nearly forgot. When I mentioned to Dave that we would need a new camera cable, he said he had just that morning ordered a new card reader, so we wouldn't have to plug the camera into the computer. It will be here tomorrow.

How's that for prescience?


Kerrie said...

Drool corruption - LOLOLOL!!!

Jamie said...

I'm with Kerrie...that is funny!!!