Monday, June 30, 2008

Lovely Surprise

Two kids from church - brothers - have announced their availability this summer for odd jobs. Dave, always willing to reward the entrepreneurial spirit, hired them to weed the beds in the front yard.

They showed up this morning, and worked hard for about 3 hours. They certainly earned their money! It was hot, miserable work. It helped a little that it had rained to soften up the ground, but it was still rough going.

As they worked, I spent time sitting in the driveway with their mom, visiting. In the middle of weeding around the baby pecan tree, one of the boys came to his mom to tell her he was having trouble with a weed. It was too thorny, he said. He couldn't get a good grip. He called it a blackberry, and my ears perked up and I went to inspect it (even though her insinuation was that anything with thorns was a "blackberry" to him). Sure enough, it was the very beginning of a blackberry vine, growing wild alongside one of the daffodils.

"Hang on - I'll keep that!" I said. I fetched my trowel, and we carefully dug out the root, and took it into the back yard, where we cleared a space for it along the fence and gently tucked it back in.

Now. We shall see what happens. Hopefully here in a couple years or so we'll have fat juicy wild blackberries. I have such fond memories of picking wild berries in Georgia, and I hope my kids get the same chance, even if they only have to go as far as the fence to get them.

PS - It died. You'd think wild plants - weeds, essentially - would be tougher.

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