Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Happy Couple and New Growth

Continuing on our topic of this morning, I know I'm counting my chickens (swallows?) before they hatch, but I'm really hoping this new little bird family moves in. Of course, it's likely that the boys will scare them away from building here, but I can dream.

Also? Please ignore the overgrown-ish look of the area surrounding The Stick. As I said, it's a bit neglected, but I hope to get in there tomorrow and do something about that.


Jamie said...

We love our swallows too and spend a ridiculous amount of time watching them.

So as I sat drinking my coffee and watching my swallows...I thought of you and your swallows.

Yup, I'm just overly corny this morning.

NimrodSonOfCush said...

We had a couple of birds (I wouldn't know a swallow from a robin) move into our garage last year. We did everything to "scare" them away, but it didn't deter them.