Monday, May 26, 2008

Glimpse Into the Future

This morning Dylan learned to flush the potty. He's light years ahead of Aidan with this skill. I think it was only a couple months ago that Aidan figured out what fun it was to flush.

All day long Dylan's been trying to sneak in there and do more of this exciting new activity. And a couple of times he's been successful.

He also likes to sneak into the master bath, crawl into the shower, and splash in the puddles. I thought it would be enough to keep the shower door shut, but he promptly adapted, quickly learning to slide it open so he can crawl in and sit in the damp. He will not be deterred, the stinker.

He's not yet 10 months old. These seem to me as if they are rather advanced skills for someone who can't even yet walk.

I find myself wondering: what on earth will life be like when he's 2?


Jamie said...

As I read your blog, I always find myself thinking, "How does she keep up with three boys?" I have trouble with just one!

I have a feeling we'll be chasing after them...or at least finding them in all kinds of strange situations for years to come.

OY...I need more coffee!

Claire said...

Oy, I feel like I have enough trouble keeping up with my two most days. How do you do it with three? LoL! And to think, we're hoping to add another little one to the mix soon...

And isn't it amazing how each child seems to pick things up so much faster than the one before? I'm shocked at much sooner Mathyn seems to find trouble versus when Ty'Lain did...