Monday, April 07, 2008

Strays Welcome

There must be an invisible sign in our yard. Some scent or something left by The Ones Who Came Before.

We have yet another stray. A dog this time. Just out of puppyhood, and a sweeter animal you've never seen.

He came into our yard yesterday afternoon while Dave was working outside. Our dog (Buddy) was NOT amused. He is highly xenophobic, and was practically chewing through the glass to get at this intruder. The Stray sniffed inquisitively at the snapping, snarling apparition in the window, tail wagging, and finally turned away to mingle with the friendlier residents of the household; namely, everyone else.

He hung around all day, though we didn't feed him, and that evening when we closed up shop and came in for the night, he laid down in the driveway with his head on his paws, waiting patiently for us to reappear. When I checked on him again after all the kids were in bed, he was sprawled out, gangly adolescent canine limbs everywhere you looked, and sleeping the sleep of puppies - that deepest of sleeps that wakes for nothing short of the Second Coming.

This morning, when Dave went out for work, he was still there, greeting him cheerfully and politely. When I finally went out this morning to check on him, he heard the garage door open and came loping up from the neighbor's yard, where he'd been lying in the dew.

And I broke down and fed him. And that probably cinched the whole thing right there, and we'll never be rid of him.

And to be honest, I wouldn't mind if we're not.

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Anonymous said...

LOL, I was wondering how Buddy is doing. I am glad you fed the stray. You have to admire persistence like that.