Thursday, April 03, 2008

It Was His Idea, Not Mine

Ethan just came tearing into the living room with Good Night, Gorilla in his hand.

"Mommy, mommy, mommy!! Look!! Look!! I want this." He pointed to a page with a picture of various animals in the zoo.

"What is it you want? An elephant?"

"No. This cage. You can buy me this and put me in it..." suddenly realization dawned of what he was actually asking me to do. He mumbled the rest of the sentence, "...but it wouldn't be so bad."

"It wouldn't be what?"

"You wouldn't have to lock it, and then I could just play in it for a while and then climb out of it when I wanted to."

I wonder if he'd settle for me just bringing in the dog crate we've got in the attic.

Kidding! I'm kidding.


Claire said...

Hahaha! The boys, Mathyn more so, love playing with my inlaws dog crate. They have a black lab, so it's a pretty big "Toby home." More than once I've found Mathyn in it, pulling the door shut behind him. I've considered on more than one occasion about buying one for our home for know, for those extremely bad, not really! ;P

Mommy said...

We bought one for our black lab when we lived in CT, for travelling purposes. Ethan had a lot of fun playing in it at the time (he was only a year old).

I'm sure he'd love it again, but I have to say I'd feel kind of weird letting him play in a crate/cage. LOL

Jamie said...

I'm thinking I need a dog.....