Wednesday, April 30, 2008

For Jamie

(I instantly thought of your dead bug post from the other day when this happened!)

Just now as I was giving Dylan a bottle, the boys came racing into the house, highly excited about something.

Ethan exclaimed, "Aidan found something prickly! I think it's a black seed! It's going to grow!"

Aidan came forward, opened his fist, and showed me his treasure.

A wooly black caterpillar.

I neither knew nor cared to know whether it was living or dead, and I'm afraid I rather abandoned my customary aplomb I try to maintain when confronted with things the boys find in the yard.

"Oh my goodness, a bug! It's a bug! A bug! A BUG! Get it outside! Hurry! Hurry! Go! It's a bug - take it out!! And tell Aidan to put it down on the patio!"

Meanwhile Dylan continued his bottle, blissfully unaware of the maelstrom of feminine freak-out-edness swirling about him.

They exited stage right, and I heard Ethan telling Aidan to put it down so they could get a better look.

And then there was a frenzied tapping at the window, and Ethan informed me, "Aidan has the prickly bug in his mouth!"

In such a hurry was I, I sprayed formula all over the couch while disengaging Dylan. I did manage to set him carefully on the floor before dashing to the back door to investigate for myself.

Aidan dutifully presented himself, mouth open, for inspection. Sure enough, I fished out the caterpillar, curled up and stiff, long dead before the boys ever found him. And then spent the next few minutes trying to wipe black caterpillar spikes off of his tongue, and the few minutes after that googling, "venomous caterpillars Texas." (I guess there aren't any? Or at least this isn't one.)

That's enough excitement for one day, if you please. I really must insist on a placid afternoon, with long, long naps for everyone.


Claire said...

(Well, I'm not Jamie, duh!) but I just have to say, "Oh, Ewwwww, Ew Ew Ew!" I think you handled it far better than I would have ever been able to (when it comes to bugs in the mouth). Of all the things that I know of that have made it into the boys' mouths (mainly Mathyn-either Ty'Lain wasn't this "bad" or I just didn't know of all he did in my new Mommy trance), there are far many more I don't want to know about (for instance, how many bugs may have been ingested, licked, tasted, played with... *insert gagging face here* ).

So, did they take at least half decent naps for you? ;P

Mommy said...

LOL Claire - that's OK! The post really is for everyone. ;)

You know what REALLY kills me about all the disgusting things they put in their mouths? The fact that we have to fight so hard to get them to eat vegetables. So Aidan won't eat green beans, but he'll eat a dead spiky caterpillar. Seriously. What the heck. LOL

I agree with you - there's MUCH I don't want to know about!!

Mommy said...

Oh, and yes, I'm pretty sure Ethan is asleep. And Aidan might be. They're quiet, anyway. Good enough for me. ;)

Kerrie said...

LOLOL!! Would you smack me if I told you that my kids learned that there is something on caterpillar prickles that irritates skin?
I don't know specifically WHICH caterpillars, we touch a lot of fuzzy caterpillars here. :-D
You're going to go Google some more now, aren't you? ;-)

Jamie said...

Ok...I admit it...I was excited when I saw "For Jamie"! ;o)

And I'm also thankful that it was just a dried out stink bug I had to scrape out of John's mouth. Had I been pulling catapillar legs off his tongue, I think I would have lost it!

LOL @ venomous caterpillars Texas!

It really is a shame we all live so far apart!