Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Can I Go Back to Bed Now?

It's just one thing after another today.

On the bright side, the morning has absolutely flown, because I haven't had time to stop and think about anything at all.

I woke up to Dylan staring me right in the eye. Dave heard him before I did, and got him up for me. While I got up to fix a bottle for him, Dave set him down on the floor, which was not at all what Dylan had had in mind, and he let us know it....loudly. Which woke up Ethan. Who started yelling for me from underneath his door. So before I had time to even adjust to the fact that I was awake, I was hopping around like a....well, like something that hops a lot and really fast. Sorry. Even now I've not sufficiently recovered to tackle similes.

We were out of bread, so no toast. We were out of milk, so no oatmeal. I tossed the kids in the car and ran to Braums for necessities, hurried home and dropped some bread in the toaster while I slung juice at the kids, and started measuring for biscuits. I had JUST enough flour. Not even enough left to flour the counter - I had to use cake flour for that.

The kids finished breakfast and went to play. I noticed Aidan chewing something, which is not unusual, and fished out....a tiny cherry from Ethan's Hi-Ho Cherry-O game. When questioned, Ethan admitted he'd dumped all those tiny little choking hazards in the big toy box. He was pretending it was the dump, and the box that the game comes in was a garbage truck. When I groaned that we'd never be able to find them all, he enthusiastically offered to "throw all the toys out onto the floor" in order to be better able to fish out all the cherries. I gracefully declined. I was not up to that level of mess. I will probably have to do it myself while they nap, because I've already stepped on three of them, and I'm sure Dylan would probably be thrilled to come across them in the course of his explorations.

Then Ethan rushed to tell me that Aidan "sticked his hand in the potty!" It will give you an idea of the profound level of my not-all-there-edness that I washed his hands without noticing that his pants and the bottom of his shirt were soaked. Which implied - I assume? - that he had fallen in and managed to climb out before his hand-sticking. It was another two or three minutes before I noticed as I walked that I kept stepping on little wet spots all over the carpet. And then Aidan came running at me from Ethan's room and that's when I noticed he was about as wet as I'd ever seen him.

And then! Oh, it gets better! While I was changing Aidan's clothes, there was an outcry of disgust from Ethan that he'd stepped in Aidan's diaper. That I had accidentally left open that morning. Because of the rush to get out the door and get breakfast. Ew. Ew. And ick.

It was shortly thereafter that I decided it was time for his nap, and Aidan will shortly follow. Dylan, luckily, slept through most of this.

And I'm pretty sure the afternoon will go without a hitch. After all, in just a couple of hours I've managed to pay all dues in advance for the rest of the week.



Jamie said...

I'm not laughing...really! Actually, I'm too tired just reading about your morning to laugh. Although the thought of Aidan climbing out of the toilet is really funny;o)

Hope your are having a delightfully calm afternoon!

Kerrie said...

I'll admit that I'm laughing!
But it's with you... I am totally, frantically, helplessly, hopelessly WITH you! :-D

Claire said...

Well, I'm not laughing! ;P

I hope you're all having a much better day today! :)

Mommy said...

It's OK to laugh. After we got the kids in bed, I had a good laugh myself. LOL

The afternoon wasn't much better, but Dave took us to Chik-Fil-A so I wouldn't have to cook, and the next day went better finally.