Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Eye of the Beholder

Tonight we had Globe Trekker on in the background as we wound down after dinner. Suddenly Ethan became highly excited.

"Look! Look!" he exclaimed. "Mommy! Oh, you missed it! Turn it back, Mommy, so you can see!"

I dutifully hit the back button a couple times, and then I saw it, too. They were on a jogging tour in LA, and were passing by a magnificent sculpted wall.

"Right there, Mommy!"

"Yes, I see. You like that? It's gorgeous, isn't it?"

He rapturously breathed, "A blue trash can!"

And sure enough, there was a blue trash can standing in front of that beautiful wall.

I must say, until that moment I don't think I ever fully realized how highly subjective art can be.

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