Sunday, April 27, 2008


Look out, Frank Lloyd Wright. Ethan just might surpass you.

I always thought it was odd that he didn't really play with blocks or Legos much; at least, not as they were intended. He wouldn't really use them to build anything - mostly he would just bang them together or dump them out to make noise.

And then it hit me - blocks are simply not his medium.

Here are two "houses" that Ethan built this week. While he did use blocks in one of them, they were not the major part of the building.

This one is currently standing on the back patio, though the wagon is now filled with rainwater. I thought it was interesting how each piece has its part to play - everything is supporting something else - nothing is superfluous.

This is one I like to call "Chalet." The book is supported by three blocks, with a fourth block supporting the "chimney" in the back.

Once these are built, Heaven forbid anyone tamper with them. They must stay exactly as they are. If we have to take them down for whatever reason, they are rebuilt as soon as it's feasible to do so. He is very attached to his creations.

Oh, and also? He has picked out a nom de plume for himself, when he's in artistic mode. Tom Brittany: Builder.


Jamie said...

My engineering husband was looking over my shoulder as I viewed the photos. He was quite impressed. He claimed this is how he started out. UH-OH...your son is going to be like Tom!!! ;o)

Mommy said...

LOL The engineering mind is not such a bad thing. After all, Dave's got one too. :D