Friday, April 11, 2008

Any Time is a Good Time

On Wednesday I couldn't take being cooped in the house for one more second. I asked Dave if he could get away for a few, and I drove the kids to meet him for lunch at his office. We had a great time on the front lawn, and finally headed home.

We passed by our church, and I pointed it out to Ethan. "Look, Ethan! What's that? See our church? Right there."

And he got very excited and said, "Let's stop, Mommy! Let's go there! Let's go in and worship! Let's go worship, Mommy!"

I explained that the church was locked and no one was there, but we got a fantastic opportunity to have a talk about worshipping no matter where you happened to be - that worship doesn't only happen in church.

So in more ways than just one, our little drive worked out well.


Jamie said...

I just love moments like that! It's so neat that he was excited and wanted to go in and worship!

I love to listen to praise music when we drive. Ida sings her heart out.

Kerrie said...

Oh isn't that sad that churches have to be locked now?
I remember my daddy telling me that he used to stop in our church all the time, I always wished I could do that when I passed it on my way to school! :-(