Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Woman's Work is Never Done

Due in part to the fact that Aidan never swallows anything until it's been in his mouth for at least three quarters of an hour, he just sneezed a mouthful of liquified pears and grapes all over my newly clean dining room window.


Jamie said...

As I was cleaning earlier...and watching John create more of a mess right behind me...I was wondering why I even bother to clean!

Kerrie said...

In my 18+ years of motherhood (doesn't that sound impressive?) I've managed to work this one out!

It's like this: If we didn't ever bother to clean mess upon mess upon mess would pile up so thick that we would eventually stick to the floor, and if we were stuck to the floor we wouldn't be able to pull off that deft little mommy tip-toe move that allows us to sneak past a child who is momentarily preoccupied with a handful of crushed goldfish crackers and an educationally void Baby Mozart DVD to get to our computers for a few moments of sanity-saving-blog-reading.

Mommy said...

Jamie, There are MANY days that Dave walks in the door and I tell him, "I know it looks exactly the same as when you left this morning, but I HAVE done quite a bit today." I tell ya, as fast as I do things, they come undone.

I like Kerrie's theory. Works for me! LOL