Friday, March 28, 2008

Unclean! Unclean!

Here is our status.

Ethan: Sick.

Aidan: Sick. Molars coming in.

Dylan: Sick. Top front teeth coming in.

Dave: Sick.

Me: Well for now, but not optimistic.

We've been catching everything that has been tossed our way. And I'm so ready for us all to be healthy again.

So today I took a mental break. I told myself the house was clean enough for the nonce and wouldn't suffer too badly from a day of neglect. So we've been laying low and taking things easy.

We baked biscuits this morning.

The kids took off all their clothes just in time for Tommy the Bug Guy to get here. On the phone yesterday, Tommy said "early afternoon." You tell me if 9:55 = Early Afternoon. I thought not, but maybe I'm wrong, between Central time and Daylight time and who knows what all other kind of time. But whatever. All black widows are now dead; their bodies are littering the pavement front and back. We had many more than I realized.

I put the kids down for early naps which they didn't take but I didn't care. I was ensconced on the couch with a book.

When they got up I gave the older two their long-overdue haircuts.

And so far they're playing quietly in the living room, Ethan with Legos, Aidan with a Baby Einstein musical something or other, and Dylan with a dish towel.

Oh, and Dylan has decided he wants to try standing up. He pulled up on the bookshelves to his knees, but couldn't quite make it to his feet.

But now I must dash, for Aidan no longer has on a diaper, and that state of affairs simply cannot be allowed to continue.


Writing Sisu said...

Yikes! I hope everyone who is sick gets well and everyone who is well stays that way.

Reading seems like the appropriate response.

Mommy said...

Oh, thank you. Dave and Ethan have shown improvement this morning and went to church, but the littlest two are still not doing well.

Yes, reading is always the answer when soul-soothing is needed.