Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stretched Too Thin

Aidan is sick.

It started yesterday. He slept in. Quite a lot, actually. And when I finally went in to get him up at 12:30, just to get some food in him, he was burning with fever. The forehead strip read 102. He acted fine for a while, but by early evening could do nothing but strip down to his diaper and lay on the living room floor. He wouldn't let anything touch him. I thought for sure he'd get chilled, and tried more than once to cover him with our old faithful Soft Blanket, but he'd just cast it aside impatiently. He didn't even get up when Daddy came home, and usually he's the first one to the door. He wouldn't eat. He finally drifted off for a few minutes in Dave's lap while we waited for dinner to be ready.

Today the fever has come down, but only slightly. I put him in the bathtub (by far his favorite activity), and he just sat, staring vacantly into the water. If a toy floating by happened to touch him, he'd bat it away. And yet when I mentioned getting out, he would cry. He wanted to take a bath, he just couldn't manage it. Spirit: willing. Flesh: weak with fever. I finally bribed him out of the tub with a promise of a lotion rub-down.

He asked for juice, and that brings us up to the present. And that's where we stand at the moment.

Ethan, on the other hand, has apparently never felt better. He's in high spirits these days, and we've had to deal with him regressing a bit into some of the bad behaviors we've worked so hard to overcome.

The morning went fine, and lunchtime went OK for the most part, but when things deteriorate with Ethan, it happens with neck-snapping speed. I had given him 5 minutes to finish up his after-lunch snack, since he seemed to be getting full and starting to dally. He continued dallying and then took a potty break. When he was informed that his time to eat was up, my sweet little angel of the morning became completely unmanageably angry. He raced blindly through the house screaming, as I called to him to come back this instant. Surprisingly, he did come back, but in just as surprising a development, turned around and took off again just as he was within fingers' reach. He ran to the door of the room where Dylan was napping, with the intent, I suppose, of crashing in and taking cover under the bed, but at this point I was hot on his heels. I hissed in my most dangerous tone, "don't you DARE open that door!!" Thus stymied, he compensated by screaming his rage as loud as his lungs would allow and then leading me on a rousing chase thrice 'round the kitchen island. It was on the third lap that I doubled back and took him by surprise at the dishwasher, gave him the spanking he richly deserved (we NEVER yell and scream in the house, and we NEVER run away from Mommy or Daddy), and put him straight to bed. Where he is at the moment of going to press (though singing, not sleeping).

And Dylan. Well, Dylan is an angel, of course, but he is still a baby and needs more attention than I've got to give these days.

I wish I had more hours in the day. These past few days the kids need more of me than I can offer, and I hate feeling (as I so often do) that my best doesn't even come close to being enough. I'm trying way too hard to be everything to everyone and it's wearing me out.


Kerrie said...

Oh ((Ami)) - I just love your stories - I was nearly in tears with your description of poor sweet sick little Aidan, then I nearly burst out laughing with the image of you chasing Ethan around the kitchen island.
I think I can count as the voice of experience, right?
You're so obviously giving those three little men everything they need every single day.
You comforted the sick, didn't spare the rod with your little rebel and all that wee one needs right now is loving care and you definitely give that.
Rest easy dear one!
I hope everyone feels well tomorrow!

Mommy said...


You have such a gift for encouragement. Thank you so much.

So far today is going much better. Aidan is still sleeping, but last night seemed to be on the mend, running around being wild with Ethan, so I'm hopeful he'll be better today.

Thanks, Kerrie. That was so uplifting. I needed it.

Claire said...

((((Ami)))) There's not really anything to add to Kerrie's words of encouragement, but I just wanted to give you some extra hugs.

Have a great weekend! :)

Mommy said...

Awww - thanks, Claire!

Every little bit of encouragement helps. I appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Your are a great mommy ami just remember this stag to shall pass. and really all to soon. just love your little guys and take breaks when you can. wish you had family near for the hard days.