Friday, March 14, 2008

So Much Better

Aidan is all better. Hooray! I still don't know what caused the fever. I'm just glad it's gone, and now life can get back to normal (whatever that may be).

And in other, wonderful, news:

1) All three boys took naps today.
2) It's sunny and 80, so I'm thinking we'll spend the rest of the afternoon at the park once everyone gets up.
3) I got a new cookbook in the mail today that I've been drooling over all afternoon.
4) Biggest news for last - Dylan is crawling!! He is quite proud of himself.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


Jamie said...

So glad that Aidan is feeling better. And all that other wonderful news...don't you love good days? Especially after going through a few tough ones.

I can't believe Dylan is crawling. It seems like just last week when I was reading your husband's updates from the hospital!

I hope you have a good weekend deserve it!

Kerrie said...

Oh hurrah! The good days do seem somehow sweeter after a really bad day or two, don't they?
So glad everyone's well again, the sun is shining and your spirits are lifting - and congratulations Dylan - go go go! :-)