Saturday, March 01, 2008


Without fail, every night before he goes to bed, Ethan comes to me to do our little routine and it always, always must go exactly - word for word - like this, and there can never, ever be any deviation whatsoever:

Me: Do you need to tell me some things?

Ethan: Night night, now it will probably not turn dark hard in my room and I will probably not have a dream.

Me: That's right. What else?

Ethan: I'm not allowed to climb out of my bed.

Me: That's right. Give me a kiss.


Me: Night night.

Ethan: Night night.

Apparently this little routine is a real, actual charm, because on Thursday night I went to girls' night at Villa Montez with a few other women from church, and was not here to take part in the bedtime routines. And Ethan told me the next day about a dream he'd had about a "freaky mudbug," and he is still talking about it today.

Not only is he talking about "The Freaky Mudbug Dream," but he's linked it to the fact that I wasn't here for him to tell me some things, as he puts it. So now we have to make extra-specially sure that we never miss our little ritual.

I can't say that I blame him. I wouldn't want to dream about freaky mudbugs either.

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Jamie said...

I'm with Ethan...stick to the routine...mudbug dreams sound too scary!