Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quote of the (Other) Day

Ethan slipped in the tub.

I was standing right there. The water was deep, because I had let him turn on the jets for the first time, and the bottom was slick, because I'd put bubble bath in there for him. He had just started it draining, and was putting his toys in the basket. I told him to sit down, and he said he was being careful, and suddenly his feet flew out from under him, and down he went, amidst much upheaval and quite a large tidal wave. Mercifully, he didn't hit his head.

And as I was waiting for his reaction, asking him, "Are you OK?.......Are you OK?" he sat there stunned, and finally looked up and said, "Mommy! I just got baptized!"


Jamie said...

LOL! I've been waiting for you to post...and this one was well worth the wait!

That's the funniest Ethan quote yet!

And did you manage to keep a straight face?

Mommy said...

I tried SO hard, but I hadn't a hope of keeping a straight face. LOL