Saturday, March 29, 2008

Never Say Die

The herbs that I planted last season were going strong all summer, surpassing my expectations by leaps and bounds. Always having had a black thumb, I thought for certain I'd get enough out of them for one or two dishes, and then start all over again next season.

Late in the fall the basil finally gasped its last, leaving nothing but its skeleton, but the thyme stayed bright and bushy all winter, and is getting claustrophobic, clamoring to get out of the planter and take over the yard. Now that spring is here, it's even getting white flowers.

I just bought two basil plants a couple of weeks ago that don't seem to be faring as well as I'd like.

But. It turns out that may not matter one bit.

Because, look at this.

Those? Are the ittiest bittiest wee little basil sprouts, rising Phoenix-like from last season's dead basil. There are roughly ten of them. Ten!

I wish I could take credit and say I knew all along that would happen, but really I'm more of what you could call an accidental gardener. I am delighted anew each time something happens that I didn't expect. It floored me when the basil grew back bigger than before after my first harvest last season. To make huge batches of pesto not just once but three times was all the more glorious for having been unexpected.

And to get new little seedlings from last year's plant, and to be able to start all over again this year from something I did last year...well. Hooray for the fighting spirit of basil pretty much sums it up.

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Writing Sisu said...

I, on the other hand, have always fancied myself as something of a green thumb extraordinaire--by virtue of absolutely nothing--and the only basil I can sustain is already potted and fully grown.

I say Bravo to your little basil seedlings.