Sunday, March 16, 2008

I Give Up

Things I cannot adequately explain to Ethan:

1) Why we drive a Caravan, but there isn't any such thing as a Caratruck or a Caracar. Tell me how to explain to my four-year-old that we do not, in fact, drive a Dodge Cara; that Caravan is ONE word, not two. For example:
Me: Ethan. It's not Cara. Van. It's caravan. Just one word. Caravan. Remember Toad's caravan? It wasn't a van, sweetie. It was a caravan. See? Does that make sense? Do you understand now?
Ethan: Yes.
*long silence while he digests this information*
Ethan: Mommy? When I get big I will drive a Dodge Cara Truck.

2) Why a subway train and a Subway restaurant are separate entities, and that there are NOT sandwiches and chocolate milk for sale on the trains. To him, subway=Subway=subway, and he simply cannot wrap his mind around the fact that the same word can describe two completely different things.


Dave said...

Or when he equates stuffed animals in his bed to be "wives". That one is nearly as difficult to explain. Maybe we just aren't articulate enough.

Mommy said...

Oh, yes, I forgot his impression that wives are platonic company and comfort for long lonely nights.

Kerrie said...

You know, those are hysterical, but when you think about it the connections that little mind is putting together are actually pretty brilliant. :-D