Monday, March 03, 2008

He Never Meets a Stranger

This past Sabbath we had a guest speaker at our church. Since the children sit through the service instead of going to a nursery, it's typical for them to play at the front of the church on the stage afterwards as the parents mingle. I noticed Ethan talking to the speaker, who was sitting with another family on the front pew. I didn't hear much of what he was saying, and was hoping he wasn't monopolizing the conversation. I was about to go and lead him away, when he left of his own accord.

Dave sent the speaker an email, telling him how much he had enjoyed his sermon, and that he ought to write a book (I understand he was captivating, though I didn't get to hear a word of it, having spent the entire service distracted in the cry room).

Today, he received a response, which went in part as follows,

"I do hope that we can meet again...your son came and spoke to me, querying why I used to smoke...I had a good chuckle as he relayed some stories about an uncle and I think a grandfather who smoked. We had a quick prayer together for his fall from the monkey bars."

For some reason, that struck me as very funny. Ethan never misses an opportunity to talk about the perils of smoking, and this time he made a new friend in the process. A friend who will pray with him no less.

I'm thankful to that pastor for letting the little children come unto him, and giving Ethan an audience instead of blowing him off to continue his adult conversation. I'm so touched that a perfect stranger would enter into prayer with my son, even if the subject matter may have seemed inconsequential.


Kerrie said...

Oh Ami! That is the sweetest story!It has special significance for me too - I was just telling (well, okay, I was griping... ;-)) Jamie about something like this.
We keep our wee ones with us in church and not a week goes by that we're not "kindly informed" that the church has a nursery.
What a blessing and a wonderful pastor.

Jamie said...

I'm trying to figure out how you both manage to keep your children in church and maintain any kind of order! I'm impressed!

And I too love this blog, Ami. Nothing touches my heart more than people who truly listen to my daughter and resond with a meaningful reply.

Mommy said...

I guess I should clarify. I meant to say that *the children in our church* sit through the service, not just ours specifically. It's just how it's done at our churches, and I really like it that way. :)

Ethan stays in church pretty well. The littler two...well, we stick it out as long as we can, which means we're usually around for offering, special music, children's story, but then when it comes time for the actual sermon, we have to leave and head to the cry room, so I miss out on alot (even though it's piped in - little kids and babies are remarkably distracting!).

Which is actually marginally better than it used to be - Aidan used to not be able to sit still for even a minute.

*ramble ramble ramble*