Monday, February 04, 2008

Stay Tuned

I'm about to either blast the Disney Store, or sing their praises from the mountaintops.

Please hold as I hold.


Disney is wonderful. It's just their toys that are shabbily constructed, unfortunately. Thanks to top-notch customer service, maybe we'll do better the second time around.

For Christmas, I ordered Ethan Buzz Lightyear and Woody action figures. Both of them talked, and Woody came with a guitar and hat, while Buzz had wings that snapped out at the press of a button so he could "fall with style." He was pretty excited for the first day or so, but then, mysteriously, Woody stopped talking. I was disappointed, but wasn't going to complain about that, since he seems to like Buzz better anyway, but then today? Buzz's leg came completely out of its hip socket. I scoured the internet for a contact phone number, trying three before finding the right one.

She immediately offered a replacement for Woody, and would have sent one also for Buzz, but they were discontinued and they'd sold the last of their stock. So she is crediting my bank account for the cost of him.

She didn't even ask that I return the defective merchandise.

And while I was on hold, I got to listen to Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins. I wish all hold music was as cheerful.

So, I suppose we're willing to give Disney one more go in the future. I just hope that this Woody holds up better than his predecessor did.

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